Solutions for The Utility Segment

Billien release 7

Billien release 7 is a Business Support System (BSS) for companies doing their business in the segment of utilities. In current version the system focuses on gas distributors and gas market operators; in future version the focus will be widened to cover also other commodities and functions important for commodity sales to end consumers.

Product functionality can be divided into following areas:

  • Planning, execution and management of meter readings at offtake points,
  • Consumption calculation at offtake point level,
  • Creation of bills and processing of payments,
  • Customer care,
  • Meter logistics, planning of meter operations at offtake points,
  • Processing of nominations and network balancing,
  • Supportive functions; this area covers all functions for system management and maintenance, creation and storage of documents and rich reporting capabilities.

Functions in each area are distributed to system modules. Besides of functionality the modules also implement interfaces for integration with external systems. Business processes are orchestrated by internal workflow management interconnecting system functions across individual modules.

The modules use Oracle Database for execution of their functionality.

Smart Meter Management System Billien eMDMS

Smart meter management system Billien eMDMS is intended for working with wide palette of smart electricity meters supporting communication protocol stack DLMS/COSEM.

System functionality encompasses following key features:

  • Meter initialisation,
  • Support for meter operations at offtake points (installation, deinstallation etc.),
  • Remote control off disconnector and limiter,
  • Remote meter configuration,
  • Meter operation monitoring – processing of alarms and events,
  • Management and execution of various types of meter reading operations,
  • Validation of meter reading data,
  • Remote meter software update,
  • Integration with operations and information systems of distribution network operator.


Our products are operated by SSE-Distribúcia, a.s. and SPP-Distribúcia, a.s. companies in Slovak Republic.