Solutions for road user charging

Electronic Toll Collection

TollNet products allow creating of a complete end-to-end solution for electronic toll collection – from on-board units through all information systems up to compliance checking solution, also known as enforcement solution. The solution can further be integrated with other systems and entities, like banks, fleet card issuers, state authorities, logistics service providers, print houses and many others.

Electronic Vignette

Billien release 5 enables build-up of a complete solution for sale and management of electronic highway vignettes. The eVignettes can be purchased using traditional sales channels – sales points, petrol stations, internet site – as well as a smartphone application and self-care kiosks. The eVignette solution allows integration with a compliance checking solution, for example a subsystem of electronic toll collection solution, for checking of road users’ compliance to eVignette regulations.

Compliance Checking Solution (Enforcement Solution)

Our compliance checking solution allow compliance checking for electronic toll collection context and also for eVignette context. The solution is comprised of three constituents:

  • Control gantry equipment sets,
  • Mobile enforcement vehicle equipment sets,
  • Enforcement Backoffice.

Our software is used to achieve integration of renowned manufacturers’ enforcement equipment (overview cameras, ALPR cameras, laser scanners, microwave transceivers, weigh-in-motion scales etc.) into respective equipment sets. The approach guarantees high compliance checking effectivity, trouble-free operation and low-effort maintenance. Billien release 5 based Enforcement Backoffice allows automatic and manual processing of data recorded at compliance checkpoints, automatic determination of toll rule violations, interworking with administrative authorities and monitoring of equipment at compliance checkpoints.


Our products and solutions are operated in Slovakia by SkyToll, a.s., the national electronic toll collection system operator.

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