Product for road user charging

Billien release 5

Billien is a business and operations support system for a toll service operator. It enables the operator to efficiently manage all activities starting from customer care through rating and billing up to logistics of on-board units.

Billien presently provides support of business and operations for a company operating toll services in a country. However its roadmap shows a clear path to operation in EETS.

The product can functionally be divided into six functional areas:

  • Communication with sources of information about road usage, like:
    • Proxy/ETBO for GNSS/GSM OBUs,
    • Toll gantry subsystem (microwave - DSRC),
    • Number-plate recognition system,
  • Determination of price for used services and management of end customers’ balances,
  • Creation of invoices, reception and processing of payments and management of unsettled financial liabilities of end customers,
  • Management of relations with end customers and on-board equipment used by them,
  • Support for compliance checking processes (enforcement),
  • Supplementary functions covering mainly administration and maintenance of whole product, creation of documents and their storage as well as rich reporting capabilities.

Each domain is internally built from modules with dedicated functionality. Integration with external interfaces is achieved at integration pint s provided by system modules. Business processes are orchestrated by powerful workflow management across the modules.


Billien system, release 5.2, supports Oracle Database 11gR2, Linux 5.5 and Oracle Exadata Database Machine. For more information, please, contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Billien OBU – Hybrid On-Board Unit

Hybrid on-board unit Billien OBU is intended for installation into vehicles liable to toll payment. The OBU exploits GPS and GLONASS satellite positioning technologies for collection of toll road usage data. Additionally, the OBU also supports DSRC microwave technology and GSM data communication. Billien OBU can operate either in thin client mode (collection of positioning data for later processing at a central server) or in thick (intelligent) client mode (determination of used toll road segment at OBU). Thanks to support of all three key interoperable technologies and both operation modes the Billien OBU is ready for deployment in interoperable environment of EETS.


OBU Management System (Proxy)

The OBU management system, also termed as proxy, serves for collection of data from served on-board units – Billien OBU or other supported on-board units – and further for over-the-air management of on-board units and software and data updates. For on-board units operating in thin client mode the system provides centralised processing of positioning data for purposes of toll road usage determination.