About us

TollNet a.s. is a young, dynamic company based in Czech Republic with offices in Prague and Benešov. Our company designs, develops and delivers products and solutions in segments of road user charging and utilities (electricity supplies, gas supplies).

Our flagship product is Billien. The Billien is a business and operations support system. There are two branches of Billien – Billien release 5 for companies active in road user charging, usually denoted as toll collection operators and Billien 7 for companies in the utility sector.

Billien release 5 covers rating, billing, customer care, logistics, enforcement support and serving of various interfaces like, for example, interworking with systems collecting information about toll transactions, payment channels or fleet/fuel card issuers.

Together with our other products and products of our technology partners the Billien allows building of comprehensive end-to-end solutions. The solutions are thus able to cover all activities of customers acting in road user charging.

Billien release 7 is presently focused on commodity distributors and commodity market operators; in near future its focus will be widened to cover also commodity suppliers.

Our team of excellent specialists for information systems guarantees rapid deployment, successful migration and also long-term professional technical support for our products as well as for complex solutions involving also products of our technology partners.

Our company has implemented and certified an integrated management system, which includes quality management according to ISO 9001: 2015 (QMS) and information security management according to ISO 27001: 2013 (ISMS).

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